Simon Chainsaw with the Intruders

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(L-R Alex Crank, Mauricio Sanches, Simon, Johnny Pisano.)

The Marky Ramone and the Intruders Brazilian tour had finished, Marky  had returned to N.Y. but Johnny Pisano (bass/vox) and Alex Crank (guitar/vox) stayed ....  Along with Simon (who was their guitar tech at the time), they went to a little fishing village on the coast of Rio de Janeiro... they spent every day on a boat fishing........ After a week everyone was heading back to Sao Paulo where Simon had a studio booked to lay down some new tracks he'd written, and the Intruders had a plane to catch back to the big apple. Virtually on the way to the airport the guys decided to join Simon in the studio.

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1. Alex leans into a mean chord   2. Johnny fangs a lick    3. Mauricio kicks freckle    4. Simon belts one out

Together with local drummer Mauricio Sanches, just hours before the flight, they belted out 2 of Simon's originals "Breaking Out" and "This Time" as well as the aussie 70's punk classic "Stamp out Disco" by Brisbane's RAZAR. The result is once again a blistering assult with all the traits of Simon's unique style.... blending hard in your face rock action with  melodic tunes. Johnnys bass action is totally wild and you'd be hard pressed to find someone who's style completely compliments Simons, and Alex Crank delivered....on point riffs and soaring leads to rival any 6 string slinger.

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The 3 tracks are soon to see the light of day by way of a 3 track 7" vinyl record.... no news yet of the guys recording a follow up but with Simon travelling the globe, serving his souped up style to the needy, it's bound not to be too long before he kicks up some dust down by way of the Bowery, N.Y. and hooks up with "bensonhoist buddys".......

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5. Alex & mauricio share a joke   6. Marky Ramone and the Intruders (pose with Simon) while on tour in Belo Horizonte, Brazil   7. Simon and the Crankman swap riffs   8. Johnny catches a maneater!!!