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Proof that rock'n'roll has no regard for geography, the CHAINSAW MEN is a joint project by Simon Chainsaw and Steve Gardner (drums, GAMMA MEN, NOISE FOR HEROES FAN/WEBZINE). Both Guys have a long history in the alternative music scene.

Simon's includes being a PHANTOM (aust.), GLITTERHOUSE (germany) and POLYGRAM recording artist with a string of great records and CD's to his credit. He has played in various other bands with pre, ex and current members of NEW CHRISTS, SCREAMING TRIBESMEN CELIBATE RIFLES AND YOU AM I. He has European, American, British and (of course) Australian tours and releases under his belt.

steve simon

Steve began his career as creator of NOISE FOR HEROES, one of the most respected alternative rock'n'roll fanzines world wide. As drummer and principal songwriter, he led first FEEDING FRENZY and then the GAMMA MEN (releasing 3 powerhouse full length CDs). He also ran NKVD RECORDS, a label that included artists from America, Australia and Finland,and maintains the NOISE FOR HEROES webzine. He currently keeps busy contributing features and reviews to a number of fanzines, most notably the BIG TAKEOVER from New York.

Friends for many years and with Simon making a trip to the U.S., (as a part of a larger world tour), the two decided to record as the CHAINSAW MEN. Helped out on this occasion by Richard Livoni (lead guitar) and Dave Elizondo (bass), ELECTRIC JUJU reveals a set of 12 intense, hard rocking songs that burn with sort of energy that the best Australian bands are known for. It starts with the opening chords of "angry man" and the ride doesn't let up until the last note dies out.

There are plans to record a follow up CD early 2001 and to hit the road with an extensive US/Aussie tour shortly thereafter. Watchout for the releases!!!

Chainsaw Men studio Photos


STOP PRESS!!!! check out this fresh review!!!