burnin' rockin' ghetto world


BURNIN’ ROCKIN’ GHETTO WORLD is a sampler from the last 4 full length CD’s SIMON CHAINSAW has recorded. He has also recorded a number of 7" singles and been involved in various projects in Australia, Brazil, USA and Europe. There’s a small bio below BUT LET THE MUSIC DO THE TALKING. ALL CD's are available for licencing or distribution.

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SIMON CHAINSAW (real name Simon Drew) is a veteran of the International alternative music scene. He has toured and released discs & CDs Australia, USA, Brazil & Europe (living there for 2 years with his band "VANILLA CHAINSAWS"). He has also recorded in Australia, USA, France, Germany and Brazil. He has worked with many punk legends including Marky Ramone & The Exploited.  He has recorded with members of Marky Ramones Intruders, Sonny Vincent, France’s Holy Curse, Brazils Planet Hemp, Inocents, The forgotten Boys, Okoto and (current members of) OTTO. And has played shows with Tequila Baby and Sao Paulo’s Forgotten Boys among many MANY others.

Simon became known to the International Alternative Music scene with his band "VANILLA CHAINSAWS". The band signed to Australia Phantom records (early home to Hoodoo Gurus), topped the Australian Alternative charts, went to Europe where they signed with Germany’s Glitterhouse records (at that time label of Nirvana and Soundgarden). During their time together the VANILLA CHAINSAWS toured USA, lived and toured in Europe & U.K. for 2 years, and toured Australia countess times. They released swag of now collectable (worldwide) 7"singles, records and CDs.

After the VANILLA CHAINSAWS, Simon moved and lived in Chicago USA, He formed a band called "CHAINSAW MEN", recorded the "ELECTRIC JUJU" disc, which was released and distributed in Australia, USA, U.K. and Europe.

Returning to Germany Simon formed "BADASS ROADSHOW" with members of Australia’s legendary NEW CHRISTS, SONNY VINCENT’s band, France's TURBOLOVE and Germany’s Seminal Punk/metal group "MOTTEK". The band recorded the explosive "FIRE DOWN BELOW" disc.

Simon became known in Brazil through Surfing Videos, His previous band VANILLA CHAINSAWS was featured on the sound track of many surfing videos. A local CD importer started importing and selling Simons discs then TRONADOR RECORDS (Sao Paulo) became interested to do a ""Best Of" compilation (*The result was a double CD release, "when liberty smiles" by VANILLA CHAINSAWS on TRONADOR RECORDS. Out now, available in music stores and surf shops.)

Simon went to Brazil to organise the release of the disc*, found a great underground punk scene and decided to stay. He teamed up with Sao Paulo band The Forgotten Boys, toured Brazil with Marky Ramone, the Exploited and with help from friends in Planet Hemp, Inocentes, Marky Ramones Intruders and Okoto and recorded the "BASTA"  disc featuring Sao Paulo's THE FORGOTTEN BOYS".

2002 saw Simon very busy, he has recorded a full length disc with his Brazilian band HIPPY KILLERS. He recorded with France’s HOLY CURSE and teamed up with SONNY VINCENT for a track on his guitar Slingers disc. In July 2002 he started recording recording ROCK'N'ROLL URANUS in Germany due for release soon. And he has some tracks appearing on compilations from Japan, France and Brazil due out in late 2002.

               In 2003 Simon completed the TOLD ME A LIE disc with the HIPPY KILLERS due out in BRAZIL JULY 2004 on TRONADOR RECORDS.. 

                   ALREADY OUT is DOWN TO THE WIRE recorded in 2003 in France and released in April 2004 on French label NOVA EXPRESS.