Simon Chainsaw’s Badass Roadshow


In late 1999 Simon decided to spend a year travelling the world, finding new influences for his songwriting, playing small accoustic gigs, meeting different musicians and recording in different countries. He called it his Roadshow and wrote, played and recorded in Japan, Brazil and America. What he didn't realise was that when he got to France it was gonna turn bad...very bad, and the susequent recordings in France and Germany were totally Bad Ass....thus Simon Chainsaw's Bad Ass Roadshow was born......

Teaming up with old buddy Al Creed (New Christs, Hey Charger) who not only laid down some prize licks but also provided a coupla songs. Other Musicians included ex Vanilla Chainsaws german drummer Chekov Helmker, Stefane Jung rom French band Turbolove, the rhythm section from Sonny Vincents Live band and the drummer from Germanys "Groupie" among others... Check out the musicians credentials in the Bad Ass Muso's section.

The result is Simon Chainsaw's Bad Ass Roadshow long player. It's gonna be out real soon and it's BITCHIN"!!!

Check out the Bad Ass Photos for pictures of the recordings.



For some reason or other BADASS ROADSHOW 'live' never got off the ground. But the union leaves a legacy of about 20 recorded songs.... 12 of which have been slated for release for sometime now..... only time will tell if there's a label adventurous enough to put this magic out!


Bad Ass photos

Bad Ass Muso's